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Secondary school - Village Lapusna, Hincesti.

The Eco-Schools Energy Biomass Programme gives schools a unique opportunity to switch their heating system from their existing oil, electricity, gas or LPG to a sustainable wood pellet fuel, saving 50% or more on their current fuel costs.

Without any up-front capital costs, successful schools can expect to;

  • save up to 50% on their current fuel bills
  • switch from a costly fossil fuel to a cheaper wood fuel that is sourced from a sustainable forest
  • reduce their carbon emissions from day one
  • gain a revenue stream from a government subsidy called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that for a 200kW boiler could be around £20,000 a year
  • gain a revenue from the Eco-Schools Energy Carbon Credit Trading scheme if no RHI is secured
  • invest in the latest heating system that improves the environment
  • have the support of an on-going Eco-Schools Energy maintenance programme to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the biomass systems
  • benefit from an educational offering linked to biomass and explore a closed loop or circular economy


The 10-kwatt capacity plant is the latest in a long line of proposed biomass projects to be axed because of insufficient subsidies for the technology, which is deemed to be ‘green’ because it burns fuels derived from wood or crops.

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