In order to effectively promote Moldovan Government’s efforts in achieving the objecties of the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Moldova until 2020, the European Union has provided financial assistance, through Moldova Energy and Biomass Project (MEBP), for different projects aimed at harnessing renewable energy sources, mainly those from biomass,and particularly, agricultural waste biomass.

The Implementation and Management Unit of the Project for Increasing Food Production (PIU) is responsible for the implementation of sub-component 1.2 "The Facilitated Fuel Cycle – biomass providing (CCF project)".

Unit Purpose in implementing this project, was to provide the processing equipment and transportation of biomass at affordable prices for the local agricultural entrepreneurs, namely:

  • Purchase at 0% VAT rate of agricultural equipment and material values ​​necessary services relating thereto;
  • Sale of agricultural technique VAT payment of the installments: 40% - in advance, 30% - the first year and 30% - after the second year.

Once the reimbursement of sales is made by the beneficiaries who have received the equipment purchased, PIU has constituted the Circulating Fund (CF PCCF), using the sources from the initial capital. The Unit reinvested the money from the Circulating Fund PCCF (accumulated throughout the implementation of this project) in order to enlrage the CCF Project, namely:

  • Buying and selling of the equipment and facilities necessary for the biomass suppliers;
  • Servicing the general supply of biomass heating.